Current research shows 54% of employees do not have the skills required to effectively perform their jobs. CCY provides a contemporary approach to help participants excel in their roles.
Participants in CCY get a return on their investment in 4 ways. They learn essential skills for working in today’s business environment, they increase their personal skills, enhance their professional credentials, and they grow their professional networks. 
You gain advanced yet practical business and personal skills in a stimulating learning environment. By applying the CCY concepts, you can significantly increase your effectiveness with customers, your leader or manager, your colleagues, your friends and family.
CCY is unique in both its content and its delivery style. The TripleWin facilitators of CCY are experienced in a variety of organizations and businesses and are world-class in how they package and share the CCY message.
CCY participants are of all ages and come from all disciplines – sales, marketing, technology development, finance, human resources, consulting, project management, and people management. The program suits all professionals that want to grow their interpersonal and business skills.


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