TripleWin products and services support the goal to generate a triple win, a win for the customer, a win for the organization, and a win for the individual team members.

With the rapid change experienced by organizations today, rarely are training solutions enough to achieve sustainable results. TripleWin Consulting offers consulting services to perform a comprehensive assessment of the current organization culture and environment and on-going consulting services. Each proposal is written based on these findings, applying a customized approach to every situation. Our consulting is often teamed with the delivery of TripleWin training courses.

The TripleWin goal creates a very strong foundation and philosophy for the seven TripleWin course series. TripleWin courses include an optimum mix of theory, experiential learning events, and workplace application. They can be packaged into a comprehensive curriculum, used as stand-a-lone course or be customized to meet a specific organizational need.

TripleWin Alliance members are available to deliver talks to audiences of all types and sizes. Popular topics include teamwork, leadership, customer care, and culture change. Alliance members reside in the Netherlands, Norway, Australia, Finland, Canada, Sweden and the United States.

TripleWin Values:
• Relationships Built on Integrity, Trust and Respect
• Collaboration with Our Customers
• Personal Accountability
• Individual, Organizational and Customer Growth
• Sustainable Capability, Continuous Improvement and Learning

Key Assessment Questions:
• What challenges are facing your organization today?
• What are your current solutions?
• How effective are the leaders in leading the organization?
• What performance deficiencies need to be addressed?
• What must be done to achieve long lasting results?
• How successfully have you implemented other changes?

Training Courses:
• Change
• Customer Care
• Consulting
• Leadership
• Professional Development
• Teamwork

TripleWin Selling Philosophy:

• Build Trust-Based Relationships
• Collaboratively Identify Customer Needs
• Propose Product and Service Solutions
• Reach Agreement

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