Blog: Stress – It’s Past Time to Pay Attention

Stress. Dealing with Burnout. Preventing Burnout. By Nancy Brown-Johnston STRESS! Is there anything new to be said? Maybe not, yet many of us need help dealing with high stress levels in our lives today. Here is a quick review of some recognized stress facts: Stress is a very necessary and positive life force Stress is…

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Blog 5# Collaborative Consulting

By Nancy Brown-Johnston I’ve been teaching consulting skills since the early 1980’s to both internal and external professionals. I have often asked participants, “What comes to your mind when you think of consultants?” Typically, the answers aren’t very flattering, words like: expensive, suits, PowerPoint decks, outsiders, seagulls, time tellers, and know-it-alls. Of course, as consultants,…

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Blog#4: The TripleWin Relationship Model

By Nancy Brown-Johnston The fundamental framework of TripleWin is the TripleWin Relationship Model. It anchors our philosophy and guides us in our consulting and training approaches. The model is a powerful description of the range of behaviors found in most organizations.  The TripleWin Relationship Model™ I’m astounded by the number of organizations that operate in…

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Complainers vs. Problem Solvers

Are you a complainer or a problem solver? That is a pretty simple, straight-forward question, and your answer is probably “it depends.” We have a right to complain, and complaining isn’t a problem until it becomes our standard response. Complaining is becoming epidemic in our world and most of us complain more than we realize.¹…

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The Power of Lists

When I really need to get organized, I make lists. I create mental lists as well as physical lists.  For some people, lists are a natural a way of staying organized and managing their everyday lives. In the language of the popular personality assessment tool, the Myers Briggs Type Indictator¹ (MBTI), it is a life…

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The Power of the TripleWin

Organizations succeed when they focus on 3 Wins—A Win for the Customer, A Win for the Organization, and A Win for the Individual. Failing to focus on all three simultaneously causes the biggest challenges in daily operations and in long term performance. There is a constant balancing act required and when things are out of…

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